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26th(Fri.) to 28th(sun.) November, 2010 open-11:00 start-11:15 *26th:open-13:15 start-13:30 Japanese
Tokyo Downtown Cool Festival

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Works - Movie, Animation, Media-art. Collected various forms of motion pictures from East Asia and Australia.

TDCMF Schedule

Date & Time \ Venue Excellent Student Films Cool Media
Asahi Art Square Sumida Park Studio
“Sou (storage)” #1M
26 Nov. (Fri) 13:30~15:30 Program A Program 1
15:45~17:45 Program B Program 2
18:00~20:00 Program C Program 5
27 Nov. (Sat) 11:15~13:15 Program D Program 1
13:30~15:30 East Asian Visual Media Symposium 2010 Program 2
15:45~17:45 Program C Program 3
18:00~20:00 Program F Program 4
*Teach-in & Live Performance after the show
28 Nov. (Sun) 11:15~13:15 Program E Program 1
13:30~15:30 Program F Program 2
15:45~17:45 Program D 16:00~ Talk Session
“Toward Age of Cool Media”

【Excellent Student films from East Asian】

【Program A】

Mr. Koo's Camera
Korean Academy of Film Arts Director :IM Sang-soo 14min
1988, Drama
Mr. Koo's Camera Mr. Koo is nothing special but a diligent office worker. He likes taking pictures and often spends time holding a camera at suburb on weekends. One day, investors mistook him shooting their confidential talk, so bribed him with a meal. After that, he started pretending to be a journalist. However, during a labor dispute, he was beaten up because of the camera.
Hard-Boiled Jesus
Korean Academy of Film Arts Director :Jung Young-heun 50min
2010, Drama
Hard-Boiled Jesus On the day of an annual anniversary of the church opened by young minister, his wife gets into a traffic accident on a way home and falls into coma. A doctor notified him that his wife is pregnant. It sounds like a miracle because they couldn’t have a child for a long time. This film questions reasons for existence through agonies of a minister.
Kyoto University of Art and Design Director :FUJIMOTO Keita 26min
2008, Drama
MOCHA COFFEE Taku is studying in Tokyo to be a teacher, but not doing well. A picture that he found made him back to his home in countryside. Realizing everything is changing, he feels a touch of loneliness. The story describes sensitivity of young age in scenery of peaceful countryside.

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【Program B】

Who are you?
Korean Academy of Film Arts Director :LEE Youn-bin 9min
2005, Animation
Who are you? Mama Bear and Baby Bear live together. One day, a bear visits their home, but nobody opens the door for him. It's in fact, Papa Bear. Baby Bear tells him if he answers right then he can come into the house. Papa Bear becomes embarrassed by her questions. What in the world happened to this family before? A story of a family who can’t live a so-called “normal” life.
Nihon University College of Art Director :KOMORI Rui 28min
2010, Drama
COLORS A high school girl, who betrayed a friend and hurt her family and herself by taking a drug, meets a blind painter. Repelling though, she comes to know something of herself though communication with the painter. The story depicts a difficulty to accept oneself expressing inside feelings in different colors.
Let The Wind Blow
Korean Academy of Film Arts Director :CHOI Young-suk 21min
2009, Drama
Let The Wind Blow A young soldier is out on vacation near the end of his military service. When he arrives home, his house has disappeared due to reconstruction. The wind blows to him. While thinking who I am and where I am, I repent the sins that I have made in my life.
A little missing cab
National Taiwan University of Arts Director :CHANG Yu-ping 22min
2010, Drama
A little missing cab A taxi driver won a lottery and took his family to beach. However, the car was stolen with the lottery inside. Despaired father, grumbling mother, rebellious and naughty brothers and demented grandfather… Comical and warm family story.
The 36th Prisoner
Korean Academy of Film Arts Director :KIM Il-hyun 7min
2007, Drama
The 36th Prisoner The story is set in the far future when people can separate their mind from their body. Criminals run away by sending their minds into the Net.

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【Program C】

For Go-chul
Korean Academy of Film Arts Director :HUR Jin-ho 20min
1992, Drama
For Go-chul Go-chul has inferior feeling on second-hand staff due to memories as a child of poor family. Ironically, his job is to sale used cars. Only thing he boasts is his cute girlfriend. But he comes to know that she was an ex-girlfriend of his friend.
Nihon University College of Art Director :HARA Hiroto 30min
2010, Drama
Hito-Tonari Sento, Japanese public bath, has been a place for people to communicate in their naked-self. However, public bathes are nearly going under due to change of time. Yuka tries to revitalize a Sento that her parents are running as a warm gathering space as it was. The story describes humane communication from young and fresh view.
Korean Academy of Film Arts Director :PARK Jae-ok 5min
2008, Animation
Stop Youngseok was on his way taking his mother to a hospital. All of sudden, a truck on an opposite lane changed its course and ran toward his car On the moment he turned a steering wheel, the world stopped its motion.
Back to the Day Together
Nihon University College of Art Director :SHIMA Kentaro 30min
2009, Drama
Back to the Day Together One day, Shogo, a young man working at the auto-repair garage, met a car damaged in an accident. Because of unnatural causation, Shogo started to harbor doubts that the car might have a defect. But his father strenuously denied his idea. Through a probe into the defect, Shogo found out that there was a link between his mother's death and the defect covered up by a leading automakers, and he pressed his father with hiding that fact.

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【Program D】

The old man with knapsack
Korean Academy of Film Arts Director :PARK Hyoun-kyoung 11min
2003, Animation
The old man with knapsack Long time ago, a boy left a town. He comes back after decades with a big backpack. People were puzzled, and they start wondering what’s in his bag – . A theme is from an old Korean saying.
The Hollow
Korean Academy of Film Arts Director :PARK Eun-young 6min
2009, Animation
The Hollow A child hides in the cave after he witnesses his parents being slaughtered during a war. He cannot leave the cave out of fear. A wild boar approaches while the child spends a winter, and they come out when a spring comes. The child who is greeted by a blossoming spring, feels a strong will to live.
National Taiwan University of Arts Director :LI Nyssa 15min
2009, Drama
Rush This experimental film records inside of the author in a form mixed with documentary, drama and animation. Rush out of my world and also break into another world of mine. This film talks about people who cannot stop changing themselves because of desire, and became an empty shell under social identity.
Air Without Wind
Korean Academy of Film Arts Director :JUNG Jae-woong 19min
2009, Drama
Air Without Wind Chang-hee is a 45 years -old man who has lost hope in life. Thinking over a cause of misfortune, he remembered rowdy Suk-hwan. Reunion after 20 years revealed that Suk-hwan is physically impaired as he depends on a wheelchair. Chang-hee intends to make Suk-hwan a companion to hell, and Suk-hwan tries to sell health food product.
Kyoto University of Art and Design Director :SHIBATA Yuma 35min
2010, Drama
QULOCO A mediocre high school student, Suzuoki, falls in love with Riko, a goofy but earnest freshman of drama club. From that moment like an electric shock, it becomes that a lot of “something” follow him. On the other hand, a popular Sakurai with the class is looking for a partner to perform in a comedy contest.

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【Program E】

Reflection of Stars
Tokyo Polytechnic University Director :SHIMAZAKI Masato 28min
2010, Drama
Reflection of Stars Yuka comes to Tokyo for study, although her father strongly opposed to. In astrology club, she meets Shunsuke, who is living in his past. Her brother notifies her that their father is in bad condition, but she can’t forgive him and denies going home. Looking up stars in the night, Yuka and Shunsuke face to themselves…
The letter
Korean Academy of Film Arts Director :JANK Hyung-yoon 10min
2003, Animation
The letter A man is writing to his ex-girlfriend everyday being unable to give up on her, but he never receives a reply. A woman, who is the only staff of a post office, keeps silence and seals a stamp. One day, when he brings a letter as always, she suddenly eats it…
Please Release Me
Korean Academy of Film Arts Director :KIM Joong-hyun 50min
2010, Drama
Please Release Me Remi is a Korean adoptee living in France. He found his birth mother after thirty years, but she and her daughter showed uncomfortable feeling toward him. On the other hand, six years old boy, Sun-woo, makes some money working as a substitute player for on-line gamers in a wish to see his mother in Australia after remarriage.

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【Program F】

Hide and Seek
Korean Academy of Film Arts Director :GWON Il-soon 19min
2000, Drama
Hide and Seek

A child wakes up from sleeping to find himself alone in the house. He looks for his mother and waits for her into the night, but she never returns. Neighbors start to murmur that the mother has abandoned the child, but he continues to believe that she is hiding somewhere….
Shown at Venice International Film Festival and the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Wish you were here
Japan Academy of Moving Images Director :OHNISHI Eriko 35min
2010, Drama
Wish you were here A quiet village surrounded by mountains in all sides. On a summer holiday, Aki, a spirited girl of the village, practices riding bicycle with an odd man, Shirou. They make good friends each other and enjoy time together. But the end comes to the holiday…
Korean Academy of Film Arts Director :IM Jong-koon 7min
2002, Animation
Head “A” hatched and assembled into a human. “A” realized that he isn’t perfect and tried to reborn. But he met “B” who has same defect, and killed. “B” attached a head of “A”, which was an egg. Exhibited at 19th Pusan Asian Film Festival.
Korean Academy of Film Arts Director :BONG Joon-ho 30min
1994, Drama
Incoherence A newspaper writer who steals milk from the porch of others, an elite prosecutor who pisses on the street after drinking, and a professor who loves to look through pornographic magazines….
These three men who are high up in the society but have a second identity that they must not let other know of are depicted with full of mischief.

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【Cool Media】

Public Engagement moving images (industrial production, visualized local resources)

【Program 1】

Tokyo Downtown Cool SUMIDA“Ha” works
Tokyo Downtown Cool SUMIDA is a project to produce visual image of people, goods and life of Sumida, old commercial neighborhood in Tokyo. 21 of Glocal Media Producers are contributing to the vigor of Sumida.

KUME Co., Ltd.


Noju Co.


Maru-Sa Saito Gum Co.

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【Program 2】

[Osaka Chaos] “Ha” works
Industrial companies in Osaka, those who built partnerships, appeal the industrial sector with moving pictures to create future business chances and collaborations. They are actively working to spirit Japan up by visualizing the shine of the workers.

Koei Industry Co., Ltd


Sakai Tec


Kentech Inc.

Sankyo Seisakusyo


Shin-Nihon Tech. Inc.


Tashiro Coffee

Hiraoka Hyper Tools, Inc.


Matsuda Co., Ltd.


Ray Creation Co. LTD.

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【Program 3】

[Sumida Youth Visual Media Exchange Project]

Documentary films of local companies in Sumida created by Taiwanese students.

Green Sumida
Shih Hsin University 監督:KAO Wei-ya, HUANG Wen-lin, HUANG Ching-ju, TSAI Yi-ting 14min
2010, Taiwan, documentary
Green Sumida Sumida Ward in Tokyo has been experiencing environmental destruction for long due to urbanization. As the first ward in Tokyo metropolitan area, Sumida made a declaration of environmental conservation. Along with the ward government’s promotion of Green plan, the idea of environmental conservation got its place within a household as well. This film focused on environmental conservation in a daily life of Sumida from eyes of a third person. Sumida will reborn as a new type of city with completion of the Skytree tower on 2011, a symbol of urban development and environmental preservation. How is the environment conserved behind Skytree construction? What is the reality of Sumida? What makes possible for the ideal to come true is cooperation and partnerships among the government, companies and civil.
The Longest Shortcut
National Taiwan University of Arts 監督:CHIANG Cheng-yu, CHANG Chia-chia, SHIH Yin-ching, WONG Ya-wen 14min
2010, Taiwan, documentary
The Longest Shortcut A boy from Taiwan was sightseeing in Sumida. He found the Hokusai street with the help of a map and enjoyed seeing Ukiyoe paintings, which reminds him of Gogh and Akira Kurosawa. Suddenly he walked into the world of paintings and wonder about…
See you under the Skytree
Tainan National University of the Arts. 監督:CHEN Hshing-chia, CHANG Zheng-jie, HSIEH Yin-ming, WU Yi-ching 20min
2010, Taiwan
See you under the Skytree ①1793 Edo period, the lord of a castle had a son, Kenichi. He had a bonded friend, Hirakawa, a samurai serving at the castle. But Hirakawa disappeared holding him responsibility for an accident. Kenichi placed his hope on a legend wishing to see Hirakawa again…
See you under the Skytree ②Summer of 2010, Haruko and Natsumi were working at a hat factory. They enjoyed the days spending hours talking on design of hats after work. But one day, they had a fight and lost contact when Haruko came to know that Natsumi won an award in design contest. 5 years later, Natsumi has been grown as a top designer, nevertheless she’s still thinking on Haruko.

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【Program 4】

The End of the Tunnel
*First show in Japan Director :CHANG Rong-ji
Producer :SU Che-hsien
Casts :HUANG Yu-Xiang, PINNA Sandrine
2008, Taiwan, Drama
The End of the Tunnel 10th Taipei Film Festival / Best Short Film prize winner, 45th Annual Golden Horse Best Short Film nomination, and sent to Pusan International Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival, Dubai International Film Festival.
This film portrays a blind boy whose eyesight is trapped in the darkness. When he was a child, he imagined that only he couldn’t see were the dark nights; just like a game of hide and seek with his eyes blindfolded; the echoes of countdown still rings in his ear, the only thing that didn’t bore him were the sounds of the world. Music opened another road for him, and with music he was given a miracle that took him out of that closeted space and out into the world.

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【Program 5】

Local Movie “Hospitality” Special Preview in Sumida Ward
“Kantai” Producing Committee Director :FUKADA Koji 100min
Kantai Old commercial neighborhood in Tokyo, near a vast river reflecting intense sunshine of the summer. A rotary press is running as always in Kobayashi Press. Mikio, a president of the small company, is living with his young wife (Natsuki), a daughter (Eriko) born between previous wife, and his sister (Kiyoko) who came back having problem in marriage life. They work well, and their life has been calm and ordinary. One day, a modest man visits – he says himself is a son of a sponsor of the past– but for certain, he gradually comes into the family matter. Their peaceful life begins to collapse little by little…

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【Media Art】  ■venue : Sumida Park Studio #1M

IDAProjects is now in its tenth year, established as a truly international project IDAProjects brings emerging artists, established and internationally renown artists, and curatorial teams together through the lens of cross cultural dialogue and true internationalism.
Liquid Tension is a exhibition of works that weave a sense of liquidity and tension; this interplay is developed through a conscious exchange within and between each work.
Artists : Sharon Green Danzig (United Kingdom/Australia)  Darragh O'Callaghan (Ireland/United Kingdom)
Hilary Koob Sassen (USA/United Kingdom) etc.
Curated by Stephan Danzig, Lubi Thomas
Semiotics At Play: the otherness and the togetherness
*First show in Japan Curators :Lubi Thomas, Sally Denis, Olivia Porgand, Elise Wilkinson.
Artists :TBC
Daniel McKewen, Untitled, 2010
This show will be curated by the QUT internship team, with works coming from the current QUT students and QUT alumni.
The show's curatorial focus is to tease out ideas of cross-cultural dialogue, through the lens of semiotics, and the everyday. It is the semiotics of a work that simultaneously both bridges the divide and appeals to the exotic; the everyday is as much exotic as familiar.

This project is kindly supported by Aboriginal Nations Australia, QUT and IDAprojects.

QUT Precincts IDA Projects

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【The Dreaming Series】  ■venue : Sumida Park Studio #1M

Making Connections: Ancient Stories - New Audiences

The Dreaming Series is a nationally significant collection of works, which transformed Australian traditional knowledge and culture, through digital media presentation, into a new mode of sharing, which crosses the generational divide and connects to our younger generations; those with a natural affiliation to the moving image.

The Dreaming is an ancient body of knowledge maintained as oral histories for over 40,000 years by the Indigenous people of Australia. These oral histories are now transformed through the art of animation into a series of 78 award winning stories. The stories tell us things about the land, animals and birds, the trees, waterholes, rivers, sea life, the stars, society & behaviour, lore, morals, respect and cultural diversity.

The stories from The Dreaming were sourced from many Aboriginal communities, and the permission to tell them and for them to be animated by Aboriginal Nations was obtained from community elders and community councils. During this process Aboriginal Nations developed a cultural protocol to ensure that the copyright for each story was retained by the communities.
* First Show in Japan

Aboriginal Nations Australia

This project is kindly supported by Aboriginal Nations Australia, QUT and IDAP.

QUT Precincts IDA Projects

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